Here are some important facts about our CORAL DELUX HI COVER EMULSION

 It can be used on smooth or rough plastered surfaces

 Delux Hi Cover Emulsion can be applied on surfaces like cement, brickwork, plywood, asbestos, etc.

 Delux Hi Cover emulsion is a low odor, low VOC* product, which carries Insignia eco-friendly logo.

 Covers 10 m2 / liter at 25 Microns DFT

 Takes 30 minutes to dry up only need two coats


Coral Delux Hi Cover Emulsion is superior quality matt finish paint formulated to give a new look to the painted surface. It can be used on smooth or rough plastered surfaces. It is ideally suitable for interior and exterior uses. Delux Hi Cover Emulsion can be applied on surfaces like cement, brickwork, plywood, asbestos, etc. Universal Undercoat White can be used as a primer coat. This emulsion can be applied using a brush or roller. Two coats of Delux Hi Cover Emulsion on primed surface gives good coverage. Absorbent surfaces may require more coats. Delux Hi Cover emulsion is a low odour, low VOC* product, which carries Insignia eco-friendly logo


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